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Just be yourself and show the minimum respect that a woman deserves. Direct answers can make your date dull; instead hone your skills of playing with words. In spite of her repeated complaining if you continue doing the things you love, then it can be a clear signal that you are the one who is in the driver's seat and she won't get what she wants just by being a nag. Women generally do not fall for those men who fail to assert themselves.

Once you make it evident that she is not indispensable in your life, she won't leave any stone unturned to get closer to you. While enjoying your first date, give her a taste of something that she hasn't enjoyed before.

Don't show that you have enough time for her and ready to go out with her any day and anytime she wants.

Instead, emphasize on your busy schedule and make her realize that you are squeezing out your precious time to meet her over a cup of coffee.

Whenever she tastes the ice cream in future, she will remember you.

You guys must not forget to use your attraction mechanism. You may not be a Hollywood hunk, but it doesn't mean that no woman is going to feel strong attraction for you.

If you’re meeting at a Starbucks or the like, always buy the coffee or drink when appropriate.

Ask if there is anything else that you can do to influence the decision at this point.He went on to give a stellar performance that won him a Best Actor Oscar award for his work.When asked how he finally came to peace and brilliance with his performance, he responded with, “I rehearsed and then I rehearsed again.” Your upcoming interview was hard fought and won by you.Remember to thank the interviewer for their valuable time.Share that you enjoyed the meeting, presuming that you did.

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And before you part ways, don't fail to give her the goodnight kiss!

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