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In 2014 a voyeuristic website popped up in the news.It streamed video from thousands of webcams located in 250 world countries.“After seeing that something is wrong, many people turned on antiviruses or disconnected from the Internet.The hacker lost remote control over victims devices when Kaspersky solutions were launched” (quote from the article published on the TJournal website).The first lesson is that you should NEVER, EVER turn off your security solution.If the people who were hacked *in this very case* did not turn it off, the hacker could not have invaded their computers in the first place.

Instead he compromised hundreds of PCs in several countries.Yesterday one of 2ch’s users attracted the attention of Russian media.This man streamed video from the hacked computers on You Tube.The anonymous user turned these sessions into a real online show.For example when a handful of victims approached their computers, he opened up a pornographic video in the browser right when they came close to their devices.

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Recently this website hit the headlines in relation to another scandal — 2ch users arranged a cyberbulling campaign against Russian porn actresses.

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