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When funds are low - I mean really low, how would you feed yourself?DD2 has enjoyed a day of dressing, eating and learning just like a Victorian student.They might need to wait till the summer as they are a touch big but they look brand new.I think I must be getting back into the swing of work a little, as today, I was up and about and doing things straight away this morning.I am always on the look out for new ways to make money online, so today I am excited to share a new website with you. Oh My Dosh is a new website where you give a little bit of your time to complete offers or tasks and then get dosh for doing it! It isn't that today by any stretch of the imagination.The rest of the CET building was rather less glamorous than the top floor of the building, but it was far more interesting, not to mention cold and dark! For this part of the tour everywhere smelled of metal and dust, so hard to imagine that it was once bustling with hundreds of workers. These easily doable side hustle ideas will help you out! This is post is a collaboration with Scottish Friendly. Our snowdrops are pushing up though and some are almost ready to open.Exactly one week after filling in the forms online, no more than about 5 minutes, he received a backdated cheque yesterday, for £431 from HMRC. 1) I ran out of allergy tablets last week but instead of popping to the shop to buy my replacement tablets, I headed to Amazon instead to see if they were any cheaper on there. In a nod to the traditional French version, I have added a smattering of paprika in place of the traditional bacon pieces for a similar smoky flavour. Remember when you first got your engagement ring and you couldn't stop looking at it?I already switched from buying some things from my chemist to buying them off Amazon so I was hoping I could buy these too. The sparkle represented everything good to come and you couldn't resist peeking at it throughout the day when you should have been concentrating on other things. In this part of the country, that can herald bright blue skies and sunshine, and the occasional balmy temperature of 17C or so.

All the products are things we purchase with our own cash money. You look at your bank balance on payday and see a whole lot more than you were expecting!I was trying to make it rain dollar bills for the month of January That didn't happen.I was trying to find another income source beside my one line business. Not only is that an EPIC TONNE of plastic that ends up in the landfill and the ocean, there's the environmental and social cost of removing, bottling and shipping that water all around the world. We get through a fair amount of fruit and veg in our house.In February 2018 we've got Valentine's Day items, cleaning items and lots more. This month in my sustainable living hub A Make Do and Mend Year, we're looking at food, and how we can take steps to eat more sustainably.As usual you can scroll down to the bottom of the post to watch my video. Food is a complex issue and has a huge impact environmentally.

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