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“Common courtesy plays a big role in happy marriages.

It’s not the other person’s job to make you feel loved, happy and whole when you yourself feel unworthy, unhappy and incomplete. Give up the need to blame your partner for everything that goes wrong in your world, for why you aren’t feeling as loved and as happy as you would like to feel and start taking ownership of your own thoughts and feelings. And before you know it, you will not give anyone else responsibility for the way you feel and then, you’ll love them all.Give up the fear of cheating on one another, the fear of falling out of love, the fear of having your present relationship become as toxic as the previous ones and so on.Get out of your fearful head and into your loving heart.Take the “pressure” off of your partner’s shoulders and put it on your shoulders instead.Seek to become the “Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that most people enter a relationship in order to get something.

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