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An interesting new (old) approach at social contact.

lettrs is a social messaging app which inspires its users to write meaningful messages and sign them before sharing them.

• A player can decide to use his turn to select some of his tiles to return to the pool of unused tiles and randomly draw some other tiles (as long as there are more than 7 tiles in the unused pool) or pass and do nothing.• Time limit can be set for a move and for a whole game.Time countdown is paused if the current player leaves the app, for example to answer a call.• Option to enter server host manually (this also lets you play via the Internet if you configure your router to forward incoming connections on port 2501 to your server device).Abridged rules of Literaxx: • The list of accepted words (for English it's TWL06) generally contains words of any part of speech, in any variation. • All tiles must be placed in the same row or the same column and form a word with at least one tile that is already on the board (exception: the first word must go through the board's center).

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• The game can end exceptionally early if all players pass (or play invalid words) for two consecutive turns.

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