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With her, she takes only a few belongings and her son, Juan. He says Pilar is his sunshine, and what's more, "She gave him her eyes"...The main character is a nameless boy (Juan Jose Ballesta) who was taught to steal wallets by his absent mother.The president of a recognized laboratory, Vorvik, dies suddenly leaving his daughter Sofia to inherit his ...See full summary » Based on a novel by Lorenzo Silva, this movie deals with the unusual and tragic relationship between a frustrated businessman and a 14-year-old student.He is thirty years old, lives alone and his existence could not be more gray and monotonous.Each day, when his turn ends, he returns home and the first thing he does is look at the mailbox, but the letter he is waiting for never arrives.Well, the thought of an adult and a young girl is often disturbing but this is not about a sexual relationship but more of a psychological connection and deep mental attraction.

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La flaqueza del bolchevique es una película española de 2003 dirigida por Manuel Martín Cuenca.

Está basada en el libro La flaqueza del bolchevique de Lorenzo Silva publicada en 1997, finalista del Premio Nadal.

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Su conductora, Sonsoles (Mar Regueras), es una engreída insoportable para Pablo, y está cabreado porque lo ha denunciado por supuestas lesiones a causa del accidente; Pablo, indignado, se dedica a hacerle la vida imposible.

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