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The case comes up in April, meanwhile Lane is "on vacation" from KYW-10. Andrew Nichols is the only queer anchor I can think of at the CBC.Most of the GLB folk are in reporting (Neil Herland, Michael Mc Auliffe, Derek Stoffel) or non-anchor radio hosting gigs (Brent Bambury, Sook-Yin Lee).[italic]"New York TV reporter Chris Glorioso (CW 11?He took a job in New Orleans maybe 7 or 8 years ago.He was totally an adorable doll, but I can't remember his last name.And who is that terrible cohost they have in while Erice Hill is on maternity leave. With the heat in NYC today, I expected to see more skin from the reporters on the news. I'm curious to know why you believe both Ryan Hanrahan and Darren Sweeney are gay, especially Darren.I of all people wish that were true, but there's not proof he is, or is there?Chris Wragge WCBS news anchor in NYC is rumored to be at least bisesual. He does not ennuciate his consonants and swallows his words.(He may swallow something else on a regular basis.)Chris Wragge (WCBS-2) is linked to Alycia Lane, Philly anchor who was arrested last week in New York for punching a cop while calling her a "dyke bitch".

She offered me a joint and asked me if I wanted to see her truck in the parking lot. Jake Gyllenhaal cruised me in Beverly Hills around the time of "Brokeback Mountain." I could feel someone's eyes on my ass before I turned around and recognized him. I was with my hot Latino personal trainer BF at the time so I didn't do anything. Barry Diller at a nearly deserted (and, therefore, short-lived) gay bar in Santa Monica.

" and then thinking, "Ew, but he snaps his fingers while he dances." I did not go home with him.

Beau Breedlove, the guy who was in the sex scandal with the mayor of Portland, OR last year.

Mine were all age-inappropriate, weirdly enough--either guys too old for me hitting on me when I was young, or a young guy hitting on me now I'm middle aged. The pick-up attempt wasn't very memorable in and of itself (just rather sad, since he was sick and too old for me); much more memorable was his line to a friend of mine: "Kiss my hand, honey... " (My friend did, and was.)Not famous outside of academic circles, but: John Boswell, the pioneering Yale historian of gay medieval culture.

I was at a young scholar at a gay studies conference and Boswell came up and danced with me at the mixer and started hitting on me: I remember thinking first, "Wow, John Boswell is actually hitting on me, and he's so cute!

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In recent years, the son of a mattress executive has inspired much speculation about the details of his own mattress-hopping. Muir went to ABC from WCVB and knowing Epstein, he surely tried his best to bed Muir.

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