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In addition to the 2004 overhaul, the Occupational Scales received a more recent revision in 2012.New data gathered with the help of 21st century digital-age technology has allowed CPP to provide a more accurate representation of the general population’s interests.The information gathered from these scales comes together to provide you with a picture of where your interests lie and which jobs or school majors match these interests.

Strong went on to publish the first version of the Inventory in 1927.

Based on your answers (and the answers of those surveyed when the assessment was updated), you will score higher or lower on those scales.

More important than the definitive scales that you score high on are the patterns between your likes and dislikes, and what they mean when looked at altogether.

The standard Strong Interest Inventory Profile features information on career paths, interests, risk-taking preferences, leadership styles, learning environments, work styles, and team orientation.

If you are interested in college-based information, we also provide a Strong Interest Inventory College Edition Profile.

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For example, if you score high in Realistic, Investigative, and Conventional, your code would be RIC.

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