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This past weekend, I was able to meet one of my favorite baseball players.

He even took time to take a picture with me and sign my jersey!

But his doctors never mentioned another serious risk: that, in fact, glucocorticoids can cause diabetes.‘During a trip to South Korea, a day after taking a dose, I found myself very thirsty and tired, and needing to go to the loo a lot,’ says Tony, who is married with two daughters and a grandson.

‘I didn’t think much of it, but when I got home my jet lag didn’t recover.

I am very grateful for the opportunity Medical Solutions has given me to work and travel. Finding the perfect Travel Nursing company is a lot like dating.

You talk with tons of recruiters in an effort to learn more about the company.

Next, we headed north to Seattle, Washington where we have enjoyed lots of beautiful views, a ferry ride, and good food.

But at the end of the day, is there really such a thing as a perfect match for your career? Hit the road with Medical Solutions and you’ll experience the best service the Travel Nursing industry has to offer, plus the adventure, compensation, and excellent benefits you desire and deserve.

When Tony Martin was prescribed new drugs for his asthma and nasal polyps, he hoped they’d help him manage the respiratory problems he’d suffered for years.

If there is not enough insulin, excess sugar builds up in the bloodstream, causing symptoms such as excessive thirst, weight loss, hunger and fatigue.

Not only was Tony showing the symptoms of diabetes, a urine test showed the presence of ketones — acids which build up in the blood when a diabetic patient’s insulin is dangerously low.

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He went to see his GP, who did more tests and confirmed he had type 2 diabetes.

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