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Instead, it displays an algorithmically curated set of content that Facebook thinks is most worth seeing.Similarly, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus use algorithms to define which topics and hashtags are currently trending.“ 1” may also show up in emails or comment threads, as in the following: “ 1 for that idea” with the meaning of “I really like this idea and I’m showing my support for it.” This thing is called an octothorpe.See: hashtag See: subreddit The percentage of social customer service issues that are abandoned by customers without a resolution.

Social media profile pics are an example of an avatar.A tool that allows you to choose which audience you want to share something with on Facebook.To learn more about Facebook’s privacy settings for sharing content, see this Facebook Help article.In social media, the most important algorithms are those that determine which content we see.For example, your Facebook News Feed doesn’t show every status update and every photo from every one of your friends.

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The tag registers a “session” when a user visits and then stores data about what pages they visited, what actions they completed, and how they interacted with different elements such as clicking on buttons or performing a search.

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