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The Title, Director, and Date Released properties are all marked as required properties.

The Director property must be assigned a string that contains less than 5 characters.

The Movie Meta Data class contains proxy properties for the properties of the Movie class.

The validator attributes are applied to the properties of the Movie Meta Data class.

With this update, we focused on making the web interface: Smarter Tools has always included an API for many of the most critical product functions. We are determined to help customers save money and avoid using paid services such as Go To Meeting or Any Meeting.

Now, however, every feature and function within Smarter Mail is entirely exposed, allowing companies to build upon our platform however they want. That means integrating web conferencing and turning Smarter Mail into a truly unified communications platform.

Data assembly included with the Data Annotations Model Binder Sample download.

NET MVC team, Microsoft does not offer official product support for the Data Annotations Model Binder described and used in this tutorial. Create a strongly-typed view with the Product class as the model class.If you want to use the validators with the classes generated by the Entity Framework then you need to create meta data classes.You apply the validators to the meta data class instead of applying the validators to the actual class.Team Workspaces can house an unlimited number of participants and include live video chat for up to 8 participants, screen sharing, video and audio controls, a group chat sidebar, a whiteboard for team collaborating, the ability to upload and share files and much, much more.And using a Team Workspace couldn’t be simpler: Just create your team workspace and share the link to other people -- either inside your organization or outside.

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