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Description: Revista de arte Contemporáneo encargada de divulgar y dar valor en el tiempo al arte minimal de los 60.Jane gets her heart broken and decides to move far away from her life, family and friends in Boston. This is the sequel to beautiful stranger, that I think you should read before you do this one.Eventually Jane and Maura will be together and you as the reader will see it happen slowly. Immediately the only thing that mattered to them was being on this trip, in this city, together - the same as always, yet different in a way neither expected.Cuando Maura Isles, una adolescente de dieciséis años se tiene que mudar de Detroit a Boston, nunca pensó en acabar enamorada de la persona más déspota y arrogante que había conocido en su vida.

Todo mientras ellas no saben que pasa con la otra Mostly AU. Set during 'Tears of a clown' where Casey has proposed to Jane and just after Maura has seen Jane's ring in the morgue. (I know it's been done a million times, consider this a million and one.)Sequel of Fast Lane. She searches many places and even gathers up the nerve to ask her best friend her opinion of the subject... Will Jane have her happy ever after or is there no such thing? That my life was never supposed to be anything other than what it was. I own none of the characters except Mark, he's mine :). What happens when her student discovers her secret? The universe remembered that Jane Rizzoli doesn't get to be happy.Will the two become unlikely FRIENDS or will they butt heads? This is going to be a series of one or more shots set on their off days and in down time.I am marking complete because each "snipit" will be a story own its own, but will follow the general time line of the series. Jane whisked Maura away for an extended weekend trip to a secret destination to celebrate Maura's 40th birthday.

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  1. We go there in the fall to pick apples and pumpkins with the children. Clean, small enough for the preschoolers to enjoy and they have a “Drive through” area as well. The views are wonderful and you get to drive your car right through a stream…cool!